How To Make Your Dog Happy?

how to make your dog happy

One of the most important responsibilities of a dog parent is to take care of your pooch’s happiness. And it’s one that you love fulfilling. 

Here are a few ways that will help you make your baby happy;

Involve your dog in your daily activities 

Dogs love spending time with their human friends. They don’t like being alone and more so neglected. The best way to let them know you love them is by allowing them to tag along. Whether it’s going for a walk to the grocery store or letting them sit next to you during work, your constant presence is all it takes to light up their mood. 

Play Hide and Seek 

Dogs love to play hide and seek. The range of emotions the game makes them go through excites them. From restlessness of not seeing you to a splurge of happiness on finally finding you elevates their mood instantly. It’s a great bonding experience for you and your pup.

how to make pet happy

Have a dance party with your bud 

Dancing and sadness can’t live together. Surprisingly dogs are similar to humans in that regard. They too love dancing and more so with you. 

They look adorable while trying to match the tunes. Every once in a while, surprise your fur buddy with an impromptu dance party and watch him break a paw.

Arrange a Treasure Hunt 

As much as you desire to spend all your time coddling your furry angel, you need to leave him and go to work. Nothing saddens them more than watching you leave. 

Hiding objects in the house for them to find can help alleviate their loneliness. In addition, it will give them something to do while you are away. It’s also a great exercise to sharpen their senses. 

playtime with pets

Indulge Them in Food-Dispensing Toys

Using a treat-dispensing toy for their meals gives them a fun problem to solve, turning mealtime into fun-time. In addition, mentally stimulating activities can help curb problem behaviors like incessant barking and excessive chewing.

 Food dispensing toys are stimulating new additions to your dog’s daily routine.

make dog happy

Pamper your dog day

Nothing says bye-bye sadness than a day of relaxation and grooming. Animals love spas as much as humans or maybe even more. So treat your furry angel with a lovely spa and grooming session to cheer them up. 

Take them for a swim.

This one is a guaranteed winner. A good swim can mend anything, especially your dog’s sulking mood. 

Swimming will help maintain your pup’s fitness as well as fill their heart with joy. What more can a pet parent ask for?  Health and happiness ensured through a single activity it’s a blessing. 


Dogs are inherently happy creatures, and their jovial mood is infectious. But every once in a while, they, too, need a little stimulation to get that jolt of happiness. Your furry buddy is very low maintenance; all it asks for is love and companionship. 

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