Physiotherapy consults

On your pet’s initial visit, we will perform a thorough assessment, and combine this with any information provided in the veterinary referral, to determine which body parts are affected and the impact this has on the overall pet’s mobility and function. We then discuss our findings with you, and with your input, devise goals of treatment and a rehabilitation plan including a specific diet and lifestyle, that suits your individual pet’s needs. From there we can select a variety of treatments to get your pet on the road to recovery.

We continuously upgrade ourselves for the betterment of our furry companions. Current modalities and therapies provided by our centre include- Stance analyser, class 4 laser, therapeutic ultrasound, PEMF, TENS, NMES, acupuncture, acupressure, manual therapy, PROM and massage, swimming pool, underwater and land treadmill.

Conditions we treat includes but is not limited to
Our services include but Aren't limited to

Pain management

Here, we try to tackle pain holistically. We combine allopathy treatment prescribed by your vet, with techniques such as class 4 laser therapy, acupuncture, massage therapy, heat/cold therapy and Trans Spinal Electrostimulation which work synergistically to improve the patient’s well-being.

Orthopaedic care

Physiotherapy, post proper examinations will be beneficial for pets suffering from various orthopaedic conditions involving bones, joints and muscles. We work towards making them pain free, flexible, improve balancing etc. by involving physiotherapy as well as hydrotherapy services including massage therapy, stretches, EMS, therapeutic ultrasound etc. as deemed fit for your pet.

Wound care

Various modalities help in improving the growth of healthy tissue and fasten the process of tissue healing. It prevents secondary infections and helps in achieving faster results.


Fitness and obesity care

One of our major focus is towards promoting fitness and agility in animals by increasing their muscle and bone strength while keeping their weight in check which further increases their flexibility and stamina which inturn helps in preventing / managing orthopaedic, neurological and cardiac conditions.

Pre and post-surgery recovery

Different sorts of therapies when used in combination, allows us to gain faster results by prepping our furry companion for the ortho or neuro-surgery and helping them gain strength, much earlier than anticipated. Furthermore, it helps in faster suture healing.

Neurologic care

Post proper check-up and diagnosis, physiotherapy does wonders in managing and improving neurological condition. We work on developing their proprioception, nerve stimulation, prevention of muscle atrophy, balancing and rehabilitating your pets body as a whole. Various therapies including manual therapy, Class 4 laser therapy, acupuncture, hydrotherapy, therapeutic exercise, therapeutic ultrasound, TENS and NMES come into play and is prescribed according to the medical condition of your furry companion.