Wellness examination

Your pet relies on you to provide the best medical care possible to ensure a long and healthy life. We believe that the key to that is the wellness visit. During each wellness appointment, the doctor will perform a thorough exam, discuss vaccination options, microchipping, spaying or neutering and medical procedures that might benefit your pet. The doctor and staff will also discuss other ways to keep your pet healthy including medication options, food choices, behavior training, answer any other questions you have. We are always keen on discussing and resolving any doubts that you may have regarding your furry angel.

De-worming and vaccination

Vaccinations and de-worming from a very young age is very important for the health and wellbeing of your pet and we can’t emphasise on it enough. Vaccination will prevent many major diseases from your pet. During our consults we give you schedule best suited to your furry companion’s health condition to promote healthy well-being.

Medical treatment

We have a veterinarian and personnel on duty 6 days a week who are trained and equipped to handle any medical care emergency attention your pet requires. We work towards diagnosing and solving your furry companion’s problem in a thorough manner. True to our tagline ‘2nd Chance To One Life’, we never give upon any case and work towards saving your pet’s life endlessly.


We perform a full range of soft tissue surgical procedures ranging from spaying and neutering to mass removals, laceration repair to gastro-intestinal and abdominal surgery. Our equipment is state of the art and each patient monitored with mechanical monitors and their own anaesthesiologist to ensure the safest anesthetic procedure possible. Labwork is run prior to each procedure to minimize risk to our patients and analgesic medications are used to ensure the comfort that aids in healing. 

Endoscopy and Laparoscopy Procedures

We are one of the few clinics in India to specialize in this surgery.
Endoscopic surgery is minimally invasive surgery in which, specialized instruments such as the endoscope and camera, is inserted into the openings of the body such as the mouth or anus.
Procedure, in which, endoscope is inserted into small incisions made in abdomen or thorax is called Keyhole surgery.
The endoscopic / keyhole surgery is used for procedures like removal of foreign body, biopsies, spaying, crypto-orchidectomy, gastropexy, hernia repair, cystotomy etc.
This procedure helps with smaller incision site, faster healing time, much lesser pain and comparatively lesser medicines.

Diagnostic and laboratory facilities

Our clinics offer up-to-date laboratory facilities on-site. This enables us to run quick and accurate blood health panels and complete blood counts while your pet is here for his or her exam. This along with a microscope for cytology, helps us to accurately diagnose diseases as rapidly as possible.

We also have digital X-ray capabilities which allow us to get a crisp clean picture in less than 60 seconds that can be enhanced to offer our doctors the most accurate view of what’s happening internally.


To pickup and drop your SuperPets, our ambulance service will be available on prior appointment, to make sure they receive proper care and treatment.